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Educational Services  

    We will introduced the elements of the Pre School Promise.  We will provide tutoring for school age children.  Our technology center will allow interactive learning via computers.

    Virtual Learning, we will incorporate learning via technology.  We will use our technology Lab to facilitate the skills needed to be successful on the standardized test because most standardized test are took on computer.  


Components of Pre K Curriculum including but not limited to Language Arts, literacy, math, science, art, sign language, creative music and physical fitness.  In addition social, self help and study skills. 


Tutoring for School age children is something that we will include because we want our kids to have the best opportunity for success. 


Reading and Math Boot Camps are optional services that will be provided.  Contact for more information. 

Physical Fitness 

We are dedicated to the fight against childhood obesity.  Physical Fit kids are happy kids.  We will have a program that fits each and every child because we know each child has specific needs.  Program will include but not limited to meal planning and physical activities and more importantly FUN !!!

​Benefits of Exercise for Kids 

  • have stronger muscles and bones.

  • have a leaner body.

  • be less likely to become overweight.

  • decrease the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

  • lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels.

  • have a better outlook on life.

 Contact us!


Tel: 513-501-2522

Millennium Kids Learning Center 

74 Carnegie way 

Cincinnati Ohio 45246

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